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Projects like ours would be unthinkable without local partners.


Gudd-Zweck UG / Brillen ohne Grenzen

"Brillen ohne Grenzen", an initiative by Gudd Zweck to give people in need around the world access to visual aids. The campaign collects used glasses and distributes them to people in developing countries. This not only improves the quality of life of the recipients, but also promotes education and job opportunities. The Roos family is behind this valuable aid project. Through their support, Gudd Zweck's vision of creating a sustainable and just world becomes a reality. You can find more information on the Gudd Zweck website.


DATAKOM is a consulting, integration and managed service partner for IT security and IT measurement technology. It ensures that networks are more secure and employees can work more efficiently.
In order to achieve this, we start by providing personalised advice on the best approach for each individual customer. DATAKOM then supports the customer and can also implement possible solutions and systems with its team. The team is then happy to take on operational responsibility.
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Caritas MADO

Caritas MADDO (Masaka Diocesan Development Organisation) is an institution of the Diocese of Masaka/Uganda, which aims to improve education, pastoral care, social services and the health and economic living conditions of people in the Diocese of Masaka. It is a non-governmental organisation and pursues exclusively charitable goals.

Caritas MADDO has around 65 full-time employees (social education workers, technicians, financial experts, medical, agricultural and pastoral counsellors), as well as a number of volunteers.
Caritas MADDO maintains health centres throughout the diocese of Masaka and runs welfare offices to care for people in need. Caritas MADDO maintains contacts with various ministries (Finance and Health Ministry) and has experience in project processing and submitting applications to the BMZ, the major church aid organisations in Germany and uses their donation pools.

Bannabikira Sisters (Daughters of Mary)

This religious order is the largest women's order in Uganda. It was founded in 1910 and has its "mother house" in Bwanda.
Sister Neolina Namusoke is the current superior general.
The mission of the Bannabikira sisters is to educate young people, care for the sick and engage in social work.
Throughout Uganda, but also in neighbouring countries, there are schools and social institutions which are looked after by the sisters. Further information on the website.