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Our projects

Each one an affair of the heart

We work hand in hand with the local church institutions. They create the protected environment in which we can make a difference. Our support is welcome. A Memorandum of Understanding forms the basis for our partnership.


We enable selected local people to check their eyes for visual impairments or medical abnormalities. They learn how to carry out eye tests using simple tools. If necessary, they arrange medical help. They can use their work to earn money for themselves and their families. Sustainable solutions and helping people to help themselves are the top priorities for TravelEye.


If people cannot come to the screenings, we bring the screenings to the people: We also organise eye checks in remote locations and offer our services there. Even distances of 50 kilometres are insurmountable for many locals - because they are not mobile or the conditions of the connecting roads do not permit a transfer. Our local employees enjoy the trust of their fellow countrymen.


Our favourite project is the eye clinic in Bwanda, Uganda. TravelEye has been supporting its construction from the very beginning. We want to create a permanent contact point for eye health here. We have collected the optical equipment from partners in German-speaking countries and organised the transport to Uganda. In future, customised visual aids will be manufactured and fitted in our own optician's workshop. Medical help for health problems is right next door.


Development of an eye clinic
Training on site
Private commitment